Most of the families living in Kukmang belong to Sarrara clan (Abbsis & Qureshis). Their forefather, Sultan Sakhi Sarwar (Sarrara / Sarrara Khan) was one of the tweleve sons of Gahi Khan and decendent of Hazrat Abbas (R.A) who was paternal uncle and companion of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

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Historical sources attest that Sultan Sakhi Sarwar (Sarrara) was one of the twelve sons of Akber Gahi Khan whose father Zarab Khan came to Kashmir as General of army on the commandment of Qutb Shah where he signed a treaty with the King of Kashmir and married her daughter. On his way back he met with a Saint (Faqir) in Kahuta and asked to pray for the birth of child. The Saint (Faqir) took promise from Zarab Khan that in reward for his prayer he would want him to settle his family there. The child who took birth was named as Akber Gahi Khan who later became the father of twelve sons whose children are scattered in the regions of Hazara, Pothohar and Kashmir. The names of the twelve sons of Gahi Khan are as follows;

1. Sarrara Khan (Sultan Sakhi Sarwar, forefather of Sarrara Abbasis living in Kukmang and  Pattan etc.)​

2. Kahonder Khan (forefather of Dhund Abbasis)

3. Tanoli Khan (Sultan Barlas,or Bala Khan, forefather of Tanoli tribe, according to some history books)

4. Chajjar Kanal

5. Salal

6. Agar Khan

7. Kool or Koor

8. Hakim Khan

9. ​Hans Khan

10. Molam Khan

11. Dilhawas

12. Barra Hazaria

Zarab Khan and his son Gahi Khan lived in Darab-kot, Kahuta near Rawalpindi, where they are burried and their graves are marked.


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